Coco Ice is a brand of green coconut water, which has its own industry located in the green coconut producer pole in the municipality of Pentecoste in the state of Ceará. Founded in 2004, the company was born to fulfill a desire of the consumer to be able to taste delicious green coconut water without the inconvenience of coconut shell, which represents 80% of its volume in waste. Coco Ice differs from its competitors for its excellent taste, being produced 100% with selected green coconuts water, ie it does not use dry coconut water, reconstituted coconut water or natural water. This process gives it a peculiar flavor and KEEPS ALL NUTRITIONAL COMPONENTS intact, EXACTLY as found only in IN NATURA green coconut water. Coco Ice remains firm in its purpose of offering consumers a quality product with an unparalleled flavor, similar to the best in natura coconut. We have no intention of being better than nature, just imitating it.

Our Mission

Offer our consumers a unique experience in tasting green coconut water, establishing assertive and promising relationships with suppliers, distributors, customers and employees, based on the highest level of transparency.

Vision and Values

To be recognized by society and the market as a unique reference in the supply of green coconut water with unique quality.


Have you stopped to think how life is running and spend very little time on the pleasures that do us good?

There is nothing better than living and with every gulp of our existence we can feel the healthy taste of life.

Thinking about it was that, after decades of study and development, Coco Ice brought to market a healthy product with a unique flavor, Coco Ice Selection, made with 100% water of green coconuts, selected and harvested at the best maturation period.

Coco Ice is available in 290ml and 900ml PET bottles and needs to be stored under refrigeration.

For the commercialization of Coco Ice, the company works in partnership with distributors to reach the food service and small retail channels. The medium and large retail chains are directly served, through their representatives.

Try it and see why Coco Ice is another category.


  • Low Calories
  • Low Sodium
  • High Potassium


  • No use of mineral water
  • No coconut water reconstituted
  • No use of water as dry
  • 100% coconut water green